With Your Own Clubhouse,
Friday Night Plans are Easy

The Solstice Clubhouse is where it all comes together. That means Friday night cards and cocktails, watching the big game together, hiking clubs and ski days. Our beautiful Clubhouse is set right in the heart of Solstice, overlooking the Golf Course and the valley below. The Restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. The Homeowner’s Lounge is the place where friendships start and reassuring connections are made. So, if you’re wondering whether it will be easy to fit in here, relax. At Solstice, everybody knows your name.

Tower Ranch Golf & Country Club — Ranked Best Course in Kelowna by Score Golf Top 100

Having friends is good for your health

It’s true. Having a strong connected social support network has been proven to help us live longer, healthier lives. And that’s what’s so wonderful about the sense of community here at Solstice. You can be as busy and connected as you like, with clubs and events and new friends all adding to the richness of life here in the Okanagan Valley. You’ll feel better knowing that other people are interested in your ideas, and you’ll be healthier when you get involved in all the activities that make Solstice such a vibrant place to live.

Want to start a cooking club? People will join in. Want a book club? A ladies’ fitness club? A dog walking club? With so many people sharing so many interests all meeting at the same clubhouse, life can be as exciting as you want it to be. So get involved at Solstice. Your health will thank you for it.

Explore 105 Trails

Whether you’re ready to hike, bike, run or take a leisurely stroll, Solstice is just a hop, step and a jump from adventure. Right next door at Tower Ranch Park, the Hoodoo Trail takes you on a 6.6 km loop that rises 830 ft. in elevation with some of the most incredible vistas in the area. Where do you want to go today? Will it be a relaxed casual city stroll? Or an intermediate hike to breathtaking waterfalls and viewpoints? Or are you ready for a seriously challenging hike that will push you to the max like the extraordinary 492 km Kettle Valley Rail Trail? With 105 trails to explore, there’s something for everyone in Kelowna, and it all begins when you step out your front door at Solstice.