About Parkbridge

Parkbridge Communities bridge the gap between the lifestyle you have and the one you really want. Our communities are built around the idea of unlocking the funds tied up in traditional homes to create the financial freedom required to live the way you’ve always dreamed.

The Parkbridge Difference

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. is Canada’s largest, most successful residential and recreational land lease company. With over 100 properties across the country, we are expert in designing, building and maintaining communities that people love.

Our ongoing commitment to community is a Parkbridge hallmark. It’s what separates us from just about every developer out there. We remain as managers, bringing every new community as close to perfection as possible. We recognize that our current homeowners constitute a powerful voice. When they are happy, word gets around. And we prosper.

People choose Parkbridge communities for many reasons, not the least of which is the reassuring feeling that they are dealing with an experienced, financially stable partner.

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