Safe, Connected and

Here at Solstice you’ll find a ‘small town’ atmosphere with the support and safety of a tight-knit neighbourhood and city amenities just a few minutes away. This is a place where you know you belong, and your neighbours feel the same way, because they came here for the same reasons you did. The stunning views. The fresh mountain air. Season after season of outdoor adventure. And a beautiful community with a true feeling of neighbourliness that you can sense the moment you arrive.

The Solstice Advantage

You really can have it all at Solstice. The stunning setting. The extraordinary experiences. The true sense of community. And a style of home ownership with a clear, logical advantage. When you live here, you own your home without buying the land. We call it the Solstice Live Smart Lease. You own your home from the ground up and pay a moderate fee for an ironclad 99-year lease for the land in a professionally-managed community with beautifully maintained grounds and shared amenities. By not purchasing the land, you pay less and keep cash flow available for life experiences. And with your property managed for you, there’s so much more time for the important things in life.

Listen to the “Locals”

Mark Wenn and Melanie Valentine say they feel like they’ve unlocked the secret to the perfect empty-nest lifestyle after moving across the country to Solstice at Tower Ranch in Kelowna, B.C.

“We joke all the time that we feel like we’re living in a resort!”

“We wanted to own a home, but we didn’t want a lot of maintenance. Solstice was appealing because Parkbridge maintains the landscaping, which we were tired of doing ourselves.”

“Land lease has all the advantages of owning your own home at a fraction of the price. The upkeep is minimal and the value of what you get enables you to do other things.”

“We talked and I said, ‘do we need to own the land, like the dirt, that the house is sitting on?’ And for us, the answer is no. We don’t even think about not owning the land because we still own our home and get all the perks of community management. It fits the bill perfectly at this stage in our lives!”

“Our weekends are free now. We can ski, kick back, and just have a glass of wine instead of doing yard work.”